Tim Fogarty


Commissioner for Europe, Major League Hacking

Tim Fogarty

Commissioner at Major League Hacking

Tim leads the European team of Major League Hacking.

MLH helped run 150 student hackathons with 50,000 attendees in 2015. He helps companies like Bloomberg, Amazon, and Twilio with their outreach to student developers. Having organized dozens of hackathons, and having worked with some of the best evangelists in the industry, he has gained a unique insight into the best ways to use hackathons to achieve your goals around product promotion, brand awareness, or recruiting.

When he’s not organizing hackathons, Tim can be found dreaming about hackathons, tinkering with javascript, and drinking silly cocktails.

Talk overview

Hackathons as part of your dev rel strategy

Every year hackathons bring together tens of thousands of developers. But why should hackathons be part of your dev rel strategy? If you do work with hackathons, how can you make it successful?

This talk will explore the three types of hackathons and their benefits. We will look at what your KPIs for hackathons should be and how you can effectively measure them to make sure they are worth attending or even organizing yourself.

We will look at common pitfalls evangelists face with engaging participants and ways you can stand out. We will also look at the tricks to crafting the perfect tech demo that is informative and memorable.

The aim is that after this talk, you will be better able to 1) evaluate if hackathons are a good fit for your goals and 2) plan the best strategy to make them successful for you. Some of the material covered should be applicable to events outside of hackathons too.

Twitter: @tfogo