Shannon Burns

Developer Advocate


Shannon Burns

Developer Advocate, NGINX

Shannon is a Junior Developer Advocate at NGINX who studied community leadership in recreation before becoming a software developer.

Now she gets to split her time between talking with smart people and hacking together things she wished existed. When she’s not digging through her bucket of memes for that perfect pictoral response, she is a lounge vocalist and novice lindy-hopper

Talk overview

Bridging the cultural divide: internal advocacy with distributed teams

Having timezone issues, lagging from international flights and dealing with drastically different cultural norms?

Working with teams distributed across the world provides fascinating insight and comes with incredible challenges. Scaling company culture is tough enough when most of your company is in the same office, but when you’re split over multiple continents it can seem like a monumental task. In this talk Shannon will break down the cultural challenges facing distributed teams, consider cultural communication and leadership theories and pose solutions that they’ve implemented at NGINX.

Twitter: @karishannon