Phil Leggetter

Chief Devangelist


Phil Leggetter

Chief Devangelist, Pusher

Phil's focus is to share knowledge and ideas about real-time frameworks, APIs and real-time functionality in web and mobile apps. His interests include software engineering practices, JavaScript, APIs, real-time web technologies and developer experience.

Talk overview

ROI and metrics panel: What's the ROI of...?

Phil will join our panel on ROI and metrics in developer relations.

Beforehand, he'll give his talk on understanding return on investment in developer relations.

What's the ROI of developer relations? What's the ROI of that hackathon? What's the ROI of that demo? What's the ROI of...?

It's a question that anybody in dev rel has been asked a thousand times. Or if you haven't, you will be.

In this talk I'll share my experiences and opinions on what you can, should and can't measure the ROI of during your dev rel escapades.

Twitter: @leggetter