Michael Wawra



Michael Wawra

Founder, Oklo.co

Michael worked in developer relations at Twilio for about two years before moving on to focus on building tools to help others be amazing at developer relations.

He now splits his time between an office job (with a tie!) and building Oklo.co (also while wearing a tie)!

Talk overview

ROI and metrics panel: Build, (Something), Learn?

Michael will join our panel on ROI and metrics in developer relations.

Beforehand, he'll give his talk on measuring the impact of developer relations.

We all know the Build-Measure-Learn feedback cycle. Measuring your impact as an evangelist, developer relations, or even community manager is actually hard.

In this session, Michael will talk about how to both measure your effectiveness in the field and how to use this data to understand your pipeline of future events.

Twitter: @xmjw
Website: michael.wawra.co.uk