Joe Nash

Hack Culture Advocate


Joe Nash

Hack Culture Advocate, MLH EU Team

Joe is on the EU team for Major League Hacking. He believes in the educational benefits of hackathons and hack culture, and supports student hackers as a team member of Major League Hacking EU.

Talk overview

Outside the lecture theatre: engaging students

The student community is an extremely beneficial community to be involved with. They are active, diverse, enthusiastic, and constantly evolving and changing as students join and graduate.

However, it can be difficult to engage effectively with students. The business case for student engagement can be murky, and it is hard to judge effectiveness of an interaction. Coupled with the timescales of the academic year, and the confusing maze of hundreds of universities and tens of thousands of student societies, navigating the student jungle is not for the faint of heart.

This talk will cover the essentials of student engagement. Why students are worth developing a relationship with, what techniques engage them best, and when/where is best to engage them.

Twitter: @jna_sh