James Milner

Developer Evangelist


James Milner

Developer Evangelist, Esri

James worked developing a 3D web mapping system with UCL and Ordnance Survey before joining Esri UK as a full time Developer Evangelist.

There he has helped setup the London based GeoDev meetup for Esri’s APIs and SDKs and is currently helping co-organise GeoHackDay. He is passionate about maps, web technologies and hot sauce.

Talk overview

So, you want to run a meet-up

Running a meet-up for your own product, project or communuity can be tough. You have to organise content, speakers, the venue, food, drinks, timings, follow-ups, swag. Then you actually have to get people to come to spend a few hours concentrating on your niche technology.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; this talk will aim to help you smooth out uncertainties you might have about starting to run a meetup. It will look into what to consider before starting, how to pick a venue, how to attract people along, and how to handle things when it doesn't quite go to plan. Alongside these suggestions it will also examine some candid first hand experiences with starting to run a meet-up.

Twitter: @jameslmilner